Can we all just make a promise




Can we all just promise right now to never be the people to harass the actors of Castle, or any show about ANYTHING. We have the right to have an opinion but some of them should never reach their ears. The actors have a right to like or dislike and do what ever they want to. Some members of this fandom need to learn to show respect.

I promise!! They’re people too. They deserve to live unhindered just like everyone else.


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Since They changed Philosopher’s Stone to Sorcerer’s Stone for America, I decided to change the rest since us American’s are too dumb to understand the word philosopher:




Harry Potter and The Whisper Snake Place

Harry Potter and That Mean Jail Man

Harry Potter and The Hot Cup

Harry Potter and The Bird Club

Harry Potter and The Guy With Only Some Blood

Harry Potter and Death 

it all makes sense now

I’m crying.

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do you ever wonder what famous people use for their password

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#god this broke me #it must have felt like the biggest slap in the face because: #castle’s being a jerk to prove something to himself and beckett has no idea #but how in the world can she kate even TRY to tell him how she feels… #when she now thinks castle wouldn’t WANT to be with her because she IS complicated. #and neither of them is wrong #yes castle’s behaving childishly but he’s busy trying to prove he doesn’t need beckett #but he’s also not telling her WHY he’s shutting her out because he thinks that would only cause him more pain plus he’s still busy hiding… #in denial. #MEANWHILE #beckett has no idea that he already KNOWS that she heard him say i love you #so she’s trying to work out why he’s pulled a complete 180 #and NOW because castle’s off hiding in denial because he himself has no idea how beckett feels about him… #beckett is assuming that that’s what he wants #and how do you then say oh btw i like you a lot and wanna make out with you on your face? #it’s hard enough without her now believing that he doesn’t want someone as complex as her. #AND NEITHER OF THEM KNOW #so they’re both just acting off of misinformation #and i hurt so much for them but at the same time i love how wrong footed they both are #because it’s stirring the pot and it’s forcing them out of their safety zone where they’ve both been so comfortable. #and you can see it all coming to a head because there’s nowhere else left to go #they can’t go back #and that’s what’s so exciting about this arc.

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Reblog if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

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I remember the first time I saw this… it tore my heart.. :(

felt the same?

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"The best thing about now, is that there’s another one tomorrow."

Movies Watched in 2014 | The Spectacular Now (2013)

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tamala, nathan & stana.

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You never told him how you stood in line for an hour just to get your book signed? How his novels got you through your mother’s death?

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Damn straight, girl. Keep hold of that.

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